New Measurement of the Electron Magnetic Moment: paper and colloquium by Prof. Gabrielse

One-Electron Quantum Cyclotron as a Milli-eV Dark-Photon Detector: paper and CFP colloquium by X. Fan

The most fundamental description of physical reality is unimaginatively called the "Standard Model of Particle Physics" -- SM for short. The SM has a remarkable record of success in predicting the outcome of laboratory measurements. Despite its success, however, the SM also cannot account for basic features of our universe. The Gabrielse group uses "tabletop" experiments to:

  1. Make the most precise measurements of properties of elementary particles to test the Standard Model's most precise predictions.

  2. Test the fundamental symmetries of the Standard Model.

  3. Measure where the Standard Model and its alternatives make differing predictions.

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Gabrielse group photo
The Gabrielse group at Northwestern University

Gabrielse Harvard Group
The Gabrielse group at Harvard University

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