Current CFP Grants

With funds from the Templeton Foundation

Round 2 - Awarded January 2021

Awardees of our current rounds of CFP Grants, made possible by The Templeton Foundation. For the CFP's current funding opportunities, please see our Funding Opportunities page.

Awardee Title Duration
Alexander Shushkov (Boston Univ.) The Search for Electron Spin coupling of Axion-like Matter 2 Years
Dylan Yost (Colorado State) Search for an Anomalous Spin-Dependent Force through Hydrogen Spectroscopy 2 Years
Andrei Derevianko (Univ. of Nevada-Reno) Resolving persistent inconsistencies in interpretation of atomic parity violation 2 Years
Dalziel Wilson (Univ. of Arizona) Quantum optomechanical dark matter detectors 2 Years

Round 1 - Awarded July 2019

Awardee Title Duration
Ulrich Jentschura (Missouri S&T) Accurate Quantum Field Theory Under External Conditions 2 Years
John Doyle (Harvard) Laser Cooled Symmetric Top Molecules for Electron EDM Measurements 3 Years
Shimon Kolkowitz (UW - Madison) A Multiplexed Optical Lattice Clock to Search for New Physics 2 Years
David DeMille (Yale) Probing New Physics via Nuclear Spin-Dependent Parity Violation 3 Years
Tanya Zelevinsky (Columbia) Molecular Lattice Clock for Fundamental Physics 3 Years
Eric Hessels (York) Electron Electric Dipole Measurement Using Molecules in a Matrix 3 Years

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