Funding Opportunity: Fundamental Physics Grants

The Center for Fundamental Physics (CFP) aims to foster innovative research into the fundamental particles, interactions, and symmetries of modern physics and particle astrophysics by facilitating small-scale, low energy, “tabletop” experiments that test the most widely held assumptions in physics today. What are the most basic physical building blocks of the universe? How can we explain the inadequacy of the “standard model” of particle physics? How can we use high precision rather than high energy methods to make these inquiries? To further this goal, as its service to the community, the CFP is pleased to be offering strategic grants to researchers who wish to or are pursuing the answers to these crucial questions. We are grateful to the Templeton Foundation for providing the resources. Applications formatted as described below are being accepted until Oct. 16, 2020 for grants to be awarded in 2021. Applications must be submitted via the link at the end of this page.


The CFP can award one to two years of grant support. Anticipated award amounts are $150k to $200k.

At this time, we will only be considering grant applications from North America.

Each awarded grant must be matched by at least 50% by the applicant’s home institution or by another source of funding.

Proposed research topics must relate to the following big questions:

Grant Types

Successful grant applications will normally fall into the following types:

Proposal Requirements

To ease the application process, while also ensuring that the CFP referees and selection committee have the information needed to make sure a grant is strategic rather than merely supplemental, the proposal requirements are structured to make it possible to adapt materials prepared for the proposal for the operational funding for the program. Grant materials must thus conform to the length and format requirements for proposals to the physics division of the National Science Foundation (NSF), except where differences are specifically noted below.

Required materials for submission:

Recipients of CFP grants must commit to and submit a final report using the format that is updated and provided by the CFP each year.

To submit your application, click here.

Anticipated grant period: 1 Jan. 2021 - 31 Dec. 2022
Application deadline: Midnight on 16 Oct. 2020

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