Research Opportunities

For potential graduate students

Graduate students are the backbone and strength of the CFP, and fundamental physics provides wonderful laboratory training that can be widely applied. Prospective graduate students interested in joining one or more of the CFP research groups should apply for admission to the Northwestern Department of Physics and Astronomy before Dec. 31. Applications should indicate the CFP groups of interest, and applicants should email their interest to the research group leaders.

For Northwestern undergraduates

The CFP welcomes undergraduate students who are interested in working in the CFP laboratories. Please contact any of the CFP faculty members, along with the CFP Program Assistant). For information about obtaining undergraduate research grants, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Research website.

For potential CFP postdocs

CFP postdocs make the CFP an exciting, productive and visible center of excellence. Potential CFP postdocs should correspond with one or more of the CFP research group leaders to discus their interest and qualifications. Applications for short and long term visits to the CFP are encouraged. Contact the CFP director and one or more of the CFP research group leaders.

For potential CFP visitors

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